at GUT SUMMIT 2018


Terrain10™ Methodology: Test, Assess and Address to Optimize Mitochondrial Function and Thrive


Dr. Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO, is former CEO and Founder of Optimal TerrainTM Consulting. Now, based on decades of direct practice with thousands of clients, cutting-edge scientific research, and years partnering with internationally renowned oncology MDs and NDs, Dr. Nasha Winters, and co-founder Dr. Christina Compton, have thoughtfully designed and expanded the Terrain10TM team and services into a unique and proprietary healthCARE experience, not found anywhere else. Passionate about nourishing, quality food and its implications in healing or poisoning the body while targeting many of the processes that drive cancer, she co-wrote The Metabolic Approach to Cancer with Jess Kelley, MNT.

Dr. Winters was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer when she was 19 years old. Twenty-six years later she is lecturing and attending oncology-centric conferences worldwide. She will speak about what she believes were the major factors that have contributed to her thriving.

Microbiome and Digestive Function is the basis of many ancient medical models like Ayurveda and Chinese
Medicine. Even Hippocrates, Father of Medicine, stated that “Disease begins in the gut”—the evidence is stacking up
showing this to be true. We can’t absorb and utilize many of our important healing nutrients without a proper balance of micro-organisms in our GI tract along with a properly functioning gut lining that keeps the good stuff in and rids the
body of the bad stuff.